My Thoughts on Computers

by Steve McKinney, February 1998

    As the war between Windows and Macintosh operating systems wages on, I offer my opinions here.  They are based on working with computers in one form or another for over twenty years.
    I began computer programming in high school where I learned how to program in BASIC and FORTRAN on mainframe computers.  I then went into the Air Force and spent six years programming in FORTRAN and COBOL.  I have worked in other environments, using other languages, software, and hardware, and I have determined that they are all very much alike.
    At home I have an old PC that is running Windows 3.1.  I have had to rebuild it a part at a time but it works.  I use it mostly for word processing.  About the time Windows 95 was supposed to be available was about the same time I had decided it was no longer cost effective to try to upgrade my old 386SX16.  I realized I needed a new computer.  This was also the time I found myself working in the Woodring College of Education computer labs, which were filled with Apple IIs, Macintosh SEs and Performas.  Upon careful consideration of all the facts, I bought a Macintosh Performa.  Macs can read any type of disk, while Windows based computers can not.  I did, however, install Virtual PC so I now have Windows 95 on my Mac as well as Mac OS 8!
    To make a long story short, I know how to run everything from MS-DOS to Windows 3.1/95 to Mac operating systems.  My personal bias is simply towards Macintosh.

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