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Rules & Guidelines

The following information is taken from the Student Handbook.

Dress Code

In addition to the AUSD Dress Code, Live Oak students must adhere to the following:

Students are required to wear appropriate clothing to school each day. Inappropriate clothing includes:

  • Violent, hostile, derogatory, put down statements or images
  • Any image or statement that promotes gang activity or affiliation
  • Any image or statement referring to illegal substances, alcohol, and/or tobacco
  • Any image or statement referring to gambling (i.e. cards, money, dice, etc.)
  • Any image or statement referring to sexual, suggestive and/or offensive language
  • Any apparel with hole(s) in "strategic" places
  • Bedroom slippers and pajama wear

The following are also be considered inappropriate:

  • Doo-rags, hairnets, "specialty" hats, bandanas, baseball hats, visors, headbands, beanies, etc.
  • Hats and sunglasses in the buildings
  • Boys' tank tops without full t-shirt underneath
  • Girls' tank tops with narrow shoulder straps (must be neck to shoulder width)
  • Bare midriffs
  • "Specialty" numbers (i.e. gang related, area codes, drug related, police codes, sexual references)
  • Visible undergarments
  • Untied shoelaces
  • Grills

Acceptable to wear:

  • Shorts
  • Sandals
  • Hats with full brims and sunglasses outside

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